“This little cozy hotel is a converted old colonial house. Very few rooms and not so posh as other big hotel chains but it has an old school charm which makes the place very homely and comfortable.”

Sandy - Singapore

“I describe The Cameron Hotel to fellow road-weary travellers as Singapore’s second Raffles. Redolent of the country’s colonial past, it was once the spiffing digs of British Airforce…”

Terry - Australia

“I have been staying at the Cameron Hotel on a regular basis for the past 4 years now. It’s a good price, especially around the Singapore F1 weekend, only S$60-S$70 dollars a night.”

Ken - Australia

“The Cameron Hotel is exactly what is advertised – an inexpensive option located very close to the airport. I stayed in the Cameron and found it very simple (almost Spartan) and extremely clean.”

X - India